All Server’s upcoming downtime

Blue Fang Solutions, who is our hosting provider for all our servers, is taking down our servers’ in the Dallas facility on the 1st of July, which could take up to 24 hours because it is a physical move.  This impacts all our servers.  So be expecting that, here’s the info:

Notice of Service Impact
Start Date/Time: 1 July 18 / 0900 CDT
End Date/Time: 3 July 18 / 0900 CDT
Window Length: 48.0 Hour(s)
Expected Outage Length: 18-24 Hours
Affected Services: All Dallas Located Services

Scheduled Facility Migration – Dallas, TX

We will be performing a migration of all hardware, core infrastructure, and network equipment to a new Internap facility in Dallas, TX.

Due to the immense growth in this location, the current facility can no longer provide the level of service and expansion footprint to support our growing demands. Our team has diligently planned for this migration to minimize impact on services, however there will be an extended outage faced by all services on site as a physical move of ALL equipment is required.

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