7DtD 15.2 Patch Released!

Read about it here – http://7daystodie.com/alpha-15-2-is-out/

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7DtD 15.1 Patch Released!

View the patch notes here – http://7daystodie.com/alpha-15-1-hits-the-streets/

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PC Gamer took a poke at 7 Days to Die

Check out what PC Gamer said about the game, 7 Days to Die:

– Follow the link by clicking here –

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Servers Down for Migration

Our hosting provider will be upgrading the hardware that all of our servers run on very soon, here’s some info about it.

What do we gain?
Access to a faster network and stronger DDoS – up to 20gbps of traffic protection and 60 million packets per second protection. Newer server hardware will be hosting the gaming servers – E5-1650v4 Intel CPU, 64GB RAM with SSD drives.

When will it happen?
No idea, they control it all and the servers will be offline til the migration is complete. It will just drop, I suspect it won’t be down long.

Any cons about this?
Yes, the servers IP and port numbers might change. The servers will still show up in game’s main list of servers.

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