– Donating –

All Night Gamers is here to bring you a friendly; Player verses Environment (PVE), experience though a number of game servers.  We use helpful and knowledgeable volunteer administrators to assist new players with their questions and keep the game fair for everyone.

There is no charge to use our servers and all courteous players are welcome.

We do ask that you keep in mind that the game hosting, Battlemetrics, and the CBSM services we use to keep everything running smoothly can be expensive.  The only way to offset these costs is through donations from our players.

For those of you who would like to assist our efforts to keep our servers up and running; please use the “Donate” tab though our website.  It is only through the backing of our volunteer admins and the funds you see fit to send in to support our servers, that will keep us up and running for the coming years.

For helping keeping All Night Gamer’s servers running via a donation, we offer perks only on the 7 Days to Die servers via a MOD.  These perks only change what the MOD brings to the game, and does not offer any in game items, only the behavior of certain aspects of the MOD and what it offers.

Perk Level 1 – $5
10 zCoins
External Map Access

Perk Level 2 – $10
5% zCoin Bonus on Zombie Kills
25 zCoins
External Map Access

Perk Level 3 – $20
15% zCoin Bonus on Zombie Kills
Avoid zCoin Death Penalty
50 zCoins
External Map Access

Perk Level 4 – $30
25% zCoin Bonus on Zombie Kills
Avoid zCoin Death Penalty
Ignore teleport cooldowns
Ignore teleport delays
100 zCoins
External Map Access

All Perk Levels
ZCoins are replenished in the event of a server & player wipe
Perks and zCoins apply across all servers – notify admin of server change

External map access – if you have your Steam account marked as private you will not be able to authenticate CBSM with it, you will need to change it to public, else you cannot get to the map.

Please note these perks do not carry over to the next version of 7 Days to Die unless the full version drops within 30 days of you donating.  Also keep in mind that donating to the server does not place you above any players, or give you any say in the running of the servers.  All transactions are final.

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