Getting Settled In
/sethome – will establish your teleport point when you use the /home command  (costs 1 zCoin)
/home – takes you to where you last used the /sethome command (only can be used every 30 minutes / costs 1 zCoin)
/loc – tells you where you are with coordinates (the middle value is height from bedrock, the other 2 values can be translated here –

The gimmie command gives you random items at the cost of a zCoin, only usable every 30 minutes
/gimmie – or can be spelled /gimme

Getting Around
zGates are user created waypoints you can warp to
zGate cooldown time is 5 mins before you can use it again
Players are limited to 2 zGates to keep the public list brief
zGate creation costs 50 zCoins
zGate use costs 5 zCoins
/zgate list public – will show all public zgates
/zgate create ‘zgate name’ – will create a zGate – 50 zCoins
/zgate delete ‘zgate name’ – removes zgate
/zgate visit ‘zgate name’ will warp you to the zGate – 5 zCoins
/zgate toggle ‘zgate name’ – will make your created zgate public or private(default)

Cure Research – (currently not working)
A player must research the cure for a minimum period of 20 minutes, however, the cure will become much stronger with increased research length
When the cure is released, it’s strength is determined in a random manner based off of research-time
The cure strength dictates the radius of the cure
When a cure is released, it will systematically kill all zombies within it’s resulting radius
A player is only able to research one cure at a time
There is a max radius of 2,000 — achieved through several real-life days of research
The cost of researching a cure is 200 zCoins
/cure research – This deducts the cure fee from your wallet, and begins the research
/cure release – This releases your cure

Game Economy
Players begin to earn zCoins for each minute played and zombie killed
Players lose 5 zCoins upon death
/wallet – will show your your current zCoin balance
/money – will show you the top 10 wealthiest players
/shop – will show you the available items in the zCoin shop
/buy {itemid} – to buy an item from the list of items when you use /shop
/pay {zCoin amount} zCoins to {playername} – /pay 15 zcoins to John is an example

Moving the LCB (land claim block)
/grab lcb

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