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What is 7 Days To Die?
7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based sandbox game created by The Fun Pimps. It is a mash up of first-person shooter, survival horror, and role-playing games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character leveling.

What are the rules?
*) No looting of active bases (areas protected by a live LCB), even if the door(s) are open
*) Legal raiding is allowed if the base’s LCBs are expired or there is NO LCB present in the base – The player is held accountable if the base is protected as well as any items that may end up in the raider’s inventory that might be questionable, ie: Creative Menu items – which should be reported to an admin.
—> You can verify base ownership with a simple woodframe in hand, white means it’s available, green means it’s your base, yellow means it belongs to a friend, and red means leave because it’s owned
*) No killing other players, even for self defense (which is hard to prove and usually turns into revenge – if being attacked, just log and notify an admin thru the website) – admins handle the justice happily
*) Cities – Do Not destroy any city buildings or place your LCB within a city area, to allow repaints to refresh loot.
*) Respect other players and the admins, no griefing or trolling. Spamming chat, profanity, inappropriate in-game signs / playername can get you kicked or even banned.
*) Do Not place your LCB near a Trader, this will cause them to bugout.

zGates maybe removed from the game if your LCB expires and they are non-refundable, even if there is a server wipe

The world resets often, so make sure your base is LCB’d to protect against being wiped

If you are gone for more than 7 days and your LCB expires as well as your zgate, other players can move in and take over your base (or an area reset my happen if it sees no active LCBs in that region).  If you come back after this event, do not attack, grief or troll the moved in player, you can either ask to join up with them or move on.  If you are gone for more than 7 days because of events in your personal life but plan on coming back to play, ask an admin to LCB your base to protect it til you get back.  If you come back and your LCB expired and your base is untouched, you will need to replant your LCB to re-activate it, else it also maybe wiped due to abandonment.

*Rules are subject to change at any time (mainly for the players who like to question the rules to a granular level)

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